July 23, 2020

If you’ve tried just about everything to get longer lashes, know you’re not alone—because we have, too. That’s why after years of trial and error we can hand on heart say lash extensions, which are semi-permanent fibers attached to your lashes, are the best 100% fool-proof way to make your lashes appear fuller, longer, and darker without compromising your natural lashes’ health and look (thanks to high-quality fibers like synthetic, silk or mink).

But lash extensions do need a little bit of extra TLC to extend their lifetime and protect your natural lashes underneath, so No.11 Spa lash queens Kyliegh Nanji and Elana Richter have answered some of your most frequently asked questions on how-to take the best care of your lashes in between appointments.

Q: What can I do to make my lashes fuller right now?

A: To grow lashes from the inside out, we take Age Quencher's Ageless Antioxidant Vitamins. This potent blend of beauty heroes like Hyaluronic acid, Co-Q-10 and Vitamin C supports collagen production, which in turn promotes lustrous, thick hair as well as a host of other benefits. Try our No.11 Spa-approved DIY lash serum too!

Q: Will a lash serum help to make my lashes healthy and long?

A: Yes it will! Adding a quality serum to your lashes will help promote their natural growth. We recommend Eyenvy, Latisse or Rapid Lash, or try our DIY natural eye serum below.

Q: What’s a good DIY lash conditioner I could try?

A: Our fave lash serum to make at home is a combo of castor oil, aloe vera juice and vitamin E oil mixed together. Add to an empty, clean mascara tube and apply a little every night—be careful not to overuse as it may cause irritation.

Q: How do I grow my damaged lashes back?

A: Give your lashes some R&R by eating a healthy diet rich in protein, biotin and vitamins, and supplement this with Age Quencher's Hydraglow Elixir. A hydrating electrolyte infused with Reishi Shroom and Marine Collagen Peptides, this wonder-drink can decrease hair shedding with its super boost of the natural antioxidant, collagen. Don't skimp on your eyelash serum routine, too! 

Q: What else can I do to extend the life of my lash extensions?

A: Most of us move around a lot during the night which means our extensions can get tangled, smushed, or bent while we toss and turn. Besides channeling Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, wearing a silk eye mask can help hold your delicate lashes in place while you sleep.

Q: Can I apply my own lash extensions?

A: Eyelash extensions applied at home use semi-professional glue that washes off and may cause damage to your natural lashes if applied incorrectly—we’d recommend trying strip eyelashes that are easily removeable.