April 1, 2020

Whether it's hours spent sitting at your desk, a poor remote working set-up, looking down at your phone or a long weekend of Netflix & Chilling, too much screen time can put additional strain on our backs and necks. Here are a few of No.11 Massage Therapist Mandy Di Riso’s favourite home remedies to help soothe sore shoulders and nagging necks.


Take a steamy bath infused with liquid goodness

Soak in a hot bath, infused with Indie Lee's I-Recover Body Soak. This dual action bath soak/skin scrub helps to relieve over-worked muscles thanks to its therapeutic blend of Dead Sea and Himalayan Salts, Arnica, Black Pepper and Patchouli essential oils. Added Rosemary, Lavender and Sage also smooth and revitalize the skin while Eucalyptus reinvigorates the soul.


Get a good nights’ sleep

Spritz your linen and pillows with  Indie Lee's  Soothe & Relax Pillow Mist and lay on your back or side. Made with Vetiver (Sri Lanka's "Oil of Tranquility") to boost relaxation and Lavandin, Lavender and Patchouli to promote peace and harmony, we promise this tranquil blend of essential oils will help you have a more restful night while you better support and align your spine.


Give your body a gentle stretch

As you sit at your desk, gently stretch your neck and rotate your shoulders as far as your body will comfortably allow; hold each stretch for 30 seconds to encourage your muscles to build rather than lose their strength. Bliss Yoga Cayman also does a great stretchy Yin class—and if you’re a member you have access to their library of pre-recorded classes so that you can continue your practice at home.


Make a natural anti-inflammatory

Sip on lemon, ginger and turmeric in warm water; a natural anti-inflammatory aid and something to support the healing of the body. No.11 friend and health & wellness coach, Nadine Dumas, has a great DIY ginger & turmeric shot recipe here.


Give yourself a DIY deep tissue massage

With a couple of tennis balls as props, lie on your back on a yoga mat or towel and position the balls underneath your shoulder muscles (the muscles that fall between your neck and the ball and socket joint of your shoulder). Slowly rock one shoulder from side to side over the tennis ball for a delicious DIY deep tissue massage, being careful to avoid your spine and scapula.

Mandy is a Registered Massage Therapist trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Ashiatsu massage. You may call us crazy, but we’ve also heard clients refer to her as ‘the baby whisperer’ for her pre-natal massage techniques. Book a massage with Mandy here.