March 21, 2020

From signature massages to bespoke facials, No.11 Spa treatments are the ultimate in self-care. But as much as we’d like to have spa days on the regular, we know that it’s sometimes hard to pencil them into a busy schedule. Whether you’re working remotely or just don’t feel like leaving the house, these are the go-to clean skincare products that our therapists turn to when they’re short on time but want to take care of their skin from home—and essentially bring our spa experience to you! 


Wildcrafted Organics Wild Berry Honey Cleanse

No.11 Massage & Beauty Therapist Lucie O’Hara is a big fan of Wildcrafted Organics, and especially their Wild Berry Honey Cleanse. It’s made from 100% natural skin-loving ingredients and is multi-purpose—making it the perfect product for when you don’t have a lot of spare ‘me-time.’ “This beautiful pink pudding-like cleanser not only cleans my face but also works as an exfoliant and masque all-in-one, leaving my skin soft, hydrated and nourished,” she says.


O’o Hawaii Birdseed Detoxifying Face Scrub 

A favourite of No.11 Facial Therapist Amy Lombardo, O'o Hawaii's Birdseed Detoxifying Face Scrub is almost too pretty to use. If you're looking for a facial scrub that is hardy enough to remove toxins and dead skin but gentle enough to use every day, this nutrient-rich skincare is exfoliating magic. “Not only does it look good enough to eat, it smells AH-MAZING too!” she says. 


Wary Myers Voulez-Vous? Candle

Candles are a great way to set the mood for an at-home spa day. “Lighting a candle signals to my brain that its time to unwind for the day,” says No.11 Massage Therapist Maddy Wilson. Wary Myers artisanal candles are made from food-grade paraffin, soy wax and infused with essential oils to make your bathroom smell naturally delicious. Add a splash of Indie Lee's I-Recover Body Soak & Scrub to your bath water, jump in and say, ‘aah!’


Jade Roller Beauty Facial Rollers

If you love the tools we incorporate into our facial treatments, Jade Roller Beauty's jade rollers will spark joy into your at-home self-care routine. Whether you’re using rose quartz, amethyst, tiger’s eye or original green jade, these soothing stones are an easy way to give your face a little TLC in front of the TV. “I like to pop mine in the fridge 30 minutes before I use it; the coolness feels extra ah-mazing on tired skin,” says Jill Palmer, No.11 Spa Founder.


8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil 

Is it a face oil, moisturizer, anti-aging serum, hand cream, hair oil, lip salve, after-sun lotion or massage oil? 8 Faces' all-in-one balm is a favourite of No.11 Beauty Therapist, Kyliegh Nanji, and famous for its eight different uses offering maximum versatility for minimal effort. “I always carry this solid oil in my bag as my go-to emergency beauty cream. It’s so incredibly nourishing and calming, and most importantly—it keeps me moisturised all day and night long,” she says.

All skincare savers are available from the No.11 Spa green skincare boutique, open Monday-Saturday 9AM-6PM.